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Keenan Pontoni We are so proud of your hard work and leadership!

Meet the Man Behind the Ossoff Campaign — He’s Just Getting Started


Everyone's heard of Jon Ossoff. But it's his campaign manager who could be a rising star in the Democratic Party.

Jun 23rd 10:12am • No Comments

The Molly Allen Crew came out to cheer on our Members at the Congressional Baseball Game for Charity!

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Jun 16th 2:06pm • No Comments

Great day with the MAA Team and Captain Denny on the Potomac River!

Photos from Molly Allen Associates, LLC's post

Apr 19th 5:58pm • No Comments

I've heard stories about the 4pm Caucus many times and am so pleased to see photographic proof!! This is amazing.

Rep Sandy Levin

In honor of the last week of #MarchMadness, here's a #tbt to the times when I was known for my sharp elbows.

Fun challenge: try and name the others in this pic.

Mar 30th 4:03pm • No Comments

MAA client Eric Swalwell making us proud!

Congressman Eric Swalwell

Here's my interview on MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show from moments ago, in which we discussed connecting the dots on President Trump's teams Russia ties and lies, and the urgent need for an independent, bipartisan commission to investigate Russia's interference in our election.

Mar 9th 6:55am • No Comments

MAA is proud to be a part of your team, Jon!

Jon Ossoff

Jon Ossoff's special election this spring is the FIRST competitive Congressional race of the Trump era. Winning would send shockwaves through Congress and hand Donald Trump his first defeat. Sign your name to stand with Jon Ossoff and make Trump furious. - Team Jon

Mar 7th 9:41am • No Comments

Another MAA client and activist Rep. Nydia Velazquez!

Nydia Velazquez

Jan 28th 7:17pm • No Comments

Sign up your support, folks.

Alt National Park Service

Hello, we wanted to take a moment to let you know who we are. We're a growing coalition of 59 National Park Service employees from nine different National Parks. We formed to ensure the protection of the environment for future generations to come. We were forced into a media blackout, hiring freeze, policy changes, and possible reduction in funding. We are here to stand up and speak out against the current administration. We all refuse to be silenced while we watch everything we love crumble. Join the movement at www.altnps.org -Arches, Glacier, Acadia, Everglades, Cuyahoga Valley, Rocky Mountain, Shenandoah, Yosemite, Badlands, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Blue Ridge Parkway, and Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Jan 28th 9:07am • No Comments

Molly Allen Associates, LLC shared Congresswoman Annie Kuster's photo.

Congresswoman Annie Kuster

Today I am standing in solidarity with hundreds of thousands of Americans to—in one strong voice—denounce the politics of division and hate. It’s up to all of us across the nation to send a clear message that we demand a society built on the values of inclusivity and acceptance. We demand that women are paid the same as men and have full reproductive rights, that every American has access to quality, affordable healthcare, that all our children receive a quality education, that our environment is protected for future generations, and we demand policies that benefit the many, not the few.

I’m encouraged and heartened by the collective resolve of the many people standing up for what they believe. We should all strive to create an America where everyone has a place at the table; women, people of color, people of all faiths, members of the LGBTQ community, people with disabilities, survivors of sexual assault, and the countless others who have felt marginalized. I’m proud of the thousands of Granite Staters both here in Washington and in New Hampshire who are defending the values they hold dear. Though we may face challenges, our shared determination will allow us to overcome any hurdle.

Jan 24th 11:40pm • No Comments

Molly Allen Associates, LLC shared Derek Kilmer's post.

Derek Kilmer

Today I stood up with folks in Port Angeles and Port Townsend as we exercised our First Amendment right to advocate for the rights and dignity of ALL Americans. We sent a clear message that we are ready to stand up and fight for our values. And for the ability of everyone - no matter race, gender, class, or creed - to pursue their dreams. We also stood up today for people. I'm going to continue fighting back against any attempts to take healthcare away from women, or deport someone who has lived here all their life, or take away the Medicare guarantee for seniors, or make our planet less safe for my daughters. Today we made clear that we are going to stand up and fight when we need to.

Jan 24th 11:39pm • No Comments