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Molly Allen Associates, LLC Services

At Molly Allen Associates LLC, we custom design programs for each of our clients based on their specific needs. Our clients can choose from the following services:

  • DC and PAC Fundraising. Raise DC Individual and PAC contributions through research, targeting, email and phone solicitation, coordination with state and district efforts, tracking, and follow-up.
  • District, State and National Fundraising. Assistance with identifying finance committee members, coordinating events, hiring staff and writing targeted direct mail appeals.
  • Financial Planning and Management. Develop fundraising plans and cash flow projections to meet the financial needs of each campaign.
  • Event Planning. Plan and coordinate both small and large events from the design of invitations, steering committee development, and logistical arrangements, to phone banking targeted calls and pledge follow-up.

Our convenient location, just steps from the Capitol, can be used for call time, political meetings, and small events.